X-Trem Car and Bike provides 3/4 ton truck rentals for company and private use. Pick from Regular, Extended or Crew Cab trucks using a carrying capacity of 1600 kg to satisfy your passenger and freight carrying needs! Having a 3/4 ton pickup truck leasing, it's possible to effectively transport trailers, equipment, gear, construction equipment, furniture and more.Our 3/4 ton pickup truck rentals are also a superb choice if you wish to have a road trip to explore the outside in a strong and durable motor vehicle. Our well-maintained and enjoyable to induce 3/4 ton trucks are a terrific way to explore the fantastic outdoors. When you lease a pickup truck out of X-Trem Car and Bike, you are going to be riding in fashion since most our late model pickups are equipped with contemporary characteristics for convenience and also comfort.X-Trem Car and Bike Automobile and Truck Rentals is here to make certain you receive the pickup truck leasing you require,if you require it. Reserve now to reserve the 3/4 ton pickup truck leasing of your choice in the best possible speed!

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