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Trusted Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo Car Rental Services for Tourists

Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo is home to the world-famous Cofresi Beach and many other historical and cultural sites. It is no surprise, therefore, the city attracts tourists in their droves. The unending bustle of the Gregorio Luperon International tells much of the story. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the crowd when you arrive at the airport. The beautiful city begs to be explored but first, you must get yourself out of the airport. Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo has many taxis and buses that convey travelers to their destinations. But the large crowd doesn’t help much. You’ll have to wait for some time before you’ll have a chance of getting a taxi or bus. However, you can set the tone for a stress-free travel experience by calling a car rental company in Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo.

Tour Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo at your own convenience

You can only derive maximum enjoyment from your vacation if you rent a car to convey you around. The public transit route could be hard to understand for the tourist. Even with the good road networks, you may still find it difficult to get everywhere you want if you rely on the buses and taxis. With your personal car from a reliable Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo car rental service company, you have the liberty to move around as you desire. You won’t have to hop from one bus to another or flag a taxi after enjoying a sight. Your personal car stays with you all through the tour. You can stay and enjoy the wonderful sights for as long as you want without worrying about staying out late. Get up as early as you want and stay out as late as you like, safe in the knowledge that transportation is out of your list of worries.

Wide array of rental cars in Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo

Depending on your budget and taste, we have a wide range of rental car options for tourists. If you are traveling on a budget, a cheap car rental option would be the best for you. If you are traveling with a large family or group of friends, our rental company has SUVs and large vans that would match your needs. And if you wish to enjoy every minute of your Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo tour like a king, we have a wide array of Luxury cars you would fall in love with. You can also rent a fleet of cars for your group travels. Whatever the kind of car you desire from a Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo car rental company, you can rest assured that we would meet your needs.

Reliable Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo Car rental

Cars, like other machines, are never 100% reliable. A mechanical breakdown may occur at any point in time. And they could be a real pain in the backside at these points. However, you can greatly reduce a car’s chances of developing a fault by taking proper care of it. All the car rental companies we work with adhere strictly to the car manufacturer’s schedules and guidelines. They take pride in taking proper care of their fleets. You’ll only find cars that are in perfect condition on our listing. In the unlikely event that anyone develops a fault, swift measures to bail you out of your misery would be set in motion. Even if it requires changing the car and providing another one for you, you can be sure you’ll be promptly attended to.

Car Rental Sosua

Sosua is one of the most popular spots for tourists in Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo. It’s popular for the numerous beachside destinations and the infectious vibe of the people. To explore the city with absolute freedom, you’ll definitely need a car rental in Sosua. Our wide array of vehicles would suit your needs and taste. Whether you desire a sturdy vehicle that can withstand the rugged routes or a luxury vehicle that’s ideal for cruising the city, you’ll find the perfect car for your tip. Our Sosua car rental services are perfectly set up to suit your taste, needs, and budget. Take a look through our inventory and you’ll be nothing short of pleased.

Get a feel of the community life

Much is made of the energy, food, soccer and many other things that make Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo a pleasant place to visit. You can only get a true appreciation of what it feels like to live in Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo by visiting communities like Sousa. The bus system won’t provide the freedom you need. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with complex schedules and you’ll still do a lot of trekking. With a Sousa car rental service, you can visit the remote settlements and have a first-hand feel of the culture. The thrilling experience would surely leave a permanent print on your heart. And you’ll do this without having to worry about how you’ll get back to your hotel.

Rental in Sosua with unlimited mileage

Visiting and driving in a foreign country could be tricky. You hardly ever have an accurate estimation of how far the sights are to each other. Furthermore, you could get lost or take detours to places you didn’t plan to visit. All these would increase the distance traveled in the car. That is why it is important to rent a car with unlimited mileage. Most of the agencies we work with offer this service. However, you can never be too sure. Checking with the rental company to ensure it’s pack of your Sousa car rental package is never a bad idea. You’ll have to pay extra charges if you drive beyond the allocated mileage. Moreover, renting a vehicle with unlimited mileage gives you boundless opportunities. You can explore all of Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo & Santo Domingo and even Dominican Republic at large; at your own convenience and behind the wheel of a trusted car.

Car rental service with insurance cover

All the cars you’ll come across on our website are fully insured. You do not even have to worry about that. As an international driver, you would need an insurance coverage before you can drive in Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo & Santo Domingo. The rental companies we work with have short-term policies that would serve you for your trip. You could also choose to buy a Collision Damage Coverage before traveling. Our agents are always on hand to advise you on the best options so you can make an informed decision.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

As a foremost car rental agency in Puerto Plata & Santo Domingo & Santo Domingo, our reputation precedes us. We take the welfare and satisfaction of our esteemed clients to heart. Everything we do is geared towards ensuring you are 100% satisfied. Our customer service department is available 24 hours a day. If you are having any issues with your car or general service, do not hesitate to contact us. We have trained and courteous service agents that would attend to your complaints. We also provide itineraries and travel guides to enhance the tour experience of our clients.