Car Rental FAQ
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General Car Rental Issues

Q: I am visiting SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO from the UK and intend to rent a car. Can I rent a car with a foreign driver’s license?

A: We welcome international driver’s licenses in all of our locations. Enjoy your SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO visit!

Q: I recently used the car rental services of a different company and had a bad experience. Do you have clean and reliable rental cars?

A: Yes! We regularly clean and maintain our rental cars to ensure clean, reliable and good-looking vehicles.

Q: How long do I have to wait to get a rental car?

A: You don’t have to wait to get a car rental in Sosua and Santo Domingo! Call us to find out which rental cars are available for today. To make sure you rent the car of your choice, reserve a car using our website at least one day ahead.

Q: I am 23 and I would like to rent a cheap car. What is the minimum age for renting a car in SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO?

A: At X-Trem Car and Bike Rental, the minimum age for renting a car is 18. Note that our standard car rental rates listed are for 25 old renters and older. 18–24 renters can hire a car with a surcharge.

Q: What happens if I’m running late to pick up my reserved rental? Can you hold it for me?

A: We understand that SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO traffic and other circumstances may sometimes hinder you from picking up your rental on time. We will hold rentals in up to half an hour past scheduled pick up time. If you expect a longer delay, please contact our office.

Q: I’m traveling to SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO with my wife. Do you allow multiple drivers?

A: Yes, we permit up to two additional drivers. The additional driver’s fee is $4.00 per day (per driver). The minimum age for additional drivers is 18, and the same surcharges for drivers aged 18–24 apply for additional drivers.

Q: Do you have a navigation system in your rental cars?

A: Navigation systems are available, but they are not included in our cheap car rentadeals. You can still add them to your rental package for a daily, weekly or a monthly fee.

Rental Rates, Fees & Discounts

Q: I need a car rental for an upcoming business meeting in SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO. I won’t need the car all day, but just for a few hours in the afternoon. Do you offer hourly rental services?

A: Yes, we offer hourly car rentals in SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO. Our hourly rental rates start at $7.00 per hours. Call us for more details.

Q: I’m planning to visit my family in Dominican Republic. During my stay, I will rent a van for all of us. I was wondering, do you have any special offers for first-time renters?

A: Yes, we do! On your first visit, you will receive 5% off our already low rental rate!

Q: Do you offer discounts or a frequent renter program?

A: Yes, if you use our car rental services four times, you will get one rental day free. We also offer special discounts to our loyal customers and members of our VIP Club. For more details, check our Coupon page or contact us.

Q: I am coming to Sosua and Santo Domingo for a week long business convention and I need a car for this week. Do you offer any special rates for a weekly rental?

A: We offer a special weekly rate: rent a car for 7 days or more and save $30!

Q: I plan to rent a car for a birthday celebration with my family. Do you offer any birthday special rates?

A: Happy Birthday! We offer a special deal for birthday celebrations: when renting a car on your birthday weekend, we will give you the 4th day for free!

Q: Do your car rental rates include gasoline?

A: In order to maintain low prices, our car rental rates do not include gasoline. We ask our customers to refill the vehicle before returning the car. We also charge a refueling fine from customers who don’t fulfill our request.

Type of Rental Cars

Q: I am looking for a cheap car rental in Dominican Republic. Which vehicles do you offer?

A: You have come to the right place! Our wide variety of affordable car rentals ranges from economy cars to vans and SUVs, so you can travel comfortably and save money when traveling with a large group. We also offer affordable rates on our mid-size and full size cars, sports cars and convertibles.

Q: Do you have sports cars?

A: Yes, we have several sports car options for rent (including a luxurious Ford Mustang Coupe). All our sports rentals are equipped advanced technology features for a super-fun ride.

Q: I am going to be driving a lot in the upcoming month, so I’m looking to rent a car that gets great gas mileage. Which car do you recommend me to hire?

A: For this purpose, our best gas mileage rentals are the economy cars.

Q: Do you offer luxury car rentals?

 A: We do offer luxury car rentals! Give us a call and we will provide your more details about our selection of luxury cars.

Q: I am interested in renting a cheap SUV in SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO. What’s the difference between your large and small SUVs?

A: A large, full size SUV provides more room for passengers and luggage than the small SUVs. The large SUVs are designed for 6–7 passengers and their luggage, so they are the perfect rental for a long road trip with the family or a group of friends. The small SUV can seat 5 passengers comfortably and it is a great choice for driving around town.



Q: I’m visiting SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO next month and I’ll be located in Midtown Manhattan. Where is your car rental agency located in SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO?

A: We have two Manhattan locations: in Midtown and Westside Manhattan. We also have a Queens’ branch, if you happen to be around. Read more about our car rental locations, directions and opening hours.

Q: I’m flying to SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO for a short visit. Should I rent a car from the airport?

A: Airport car rental are usually more expensive, however if you are looking for a cheap car rental near the airport, you can visit any of our Manhattan locations. Our car rental rates are lower, and you will still be saving money on parking.

Q: Can I rent a car in SOSUA AND SANTO DOMINGO and drive it over to New Jersey for the day?

A: Absolutely. You are welcome to drive your rental car anywhere in the tri-state area of Sosua and Santo Domingo.  If you wish to drive out of these states, please obtain approval from the branch manager.

Payment Methods

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

A: We offer several different payment options including: Debit Card, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover.

Q: Can I pay for my rental car using a Debit Card?

A: We accept Debit Card payments. When choosing this payment method, you will be asked to provide two utility bills in the name of the renter and a $1,000 security deposit, in addition to the cost of the car rental.

Q: Do you require a deposit to rent a car? If so, which payment methods are acceptable for the deposit?

A: Yes, we require a deposit for each of our car rentals. We do not accept cash deposits, but we accept Debit Card, VISA, Master Card, AMEX and Discover.

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